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The Gatiss Guild 2014 Desktop Calendar

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“A friend of mine, Terry Bowler, had said to go see this film because it would change my life and it did. Up until that point, if you’d stood me outside a multiplex and it was the most important foreign film ever made versus Godzilla, I’d have probably gone and seen Godzilla and then, as you always do, regretted spending my money on a piece of rubbish.

But this film, it’s so beautiful and absolutely heartbreaking; it’s fantastically shot and amazingly acted. Ever since then it’s been a real touchstone for me in terms of opening my eyes to world cinema.”

Mark Gatiss talking about presenting a screening of Nights of Cabiria at the Phoenix Cinema on 1 August 2014, in an interview on the Ham & High Broadway website [x]


BBC AMERICA Announces Special Programming To Launch Doctor Who’s First Season Starring Peter Capaldi - Season Launches with Live Pre-Show and Post-Show Hosted by Chris Hardwick on BBC AMERICA on August 23

It’s a new beginning for the iconic series that explores all of space and time, as award-winning actor Peter Capaldi takes on the role of the mysterious time traveler, the Doctor. BBC AMERICA will launch Peter Capaldi’s first season of Doctor Who with special programming on the channel.

In the lead up to Doctor Who’s new season, BBC AMERICA will premiere a series of specials including Doctor Who: The Ultimate Companion on Saturday, August 16, 9:00pm ET followed by The Real History of Science Fiction: Time at 10:00pm ET and Doctor Who: The Ultimate Time Lord on Monday, August 18, 10:00pm ET.

The Doctor Who Takeover Week marathon will kick off Monday, August 18, 8:00am ET. Starting August 6, will give fans a chance to vote for their favorite Doctor Who episodes – the top selections of this “Make Your Own Sunday” poll will run in a BBC AMERICA marathon on Sunday, August 24.

Announced today, comedian and Doctor Who superfan Chris Hardwick will host Doctor Who: Live Pre-Show at 7:30pm ET and Doctor Who: After Who Live at 11:00pm ET following the premiere of Intruders on August 23. The pre-show and post-show will feature an array of guests in the studio including writer and actor Mark Gatiss along with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage. [x]


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